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Are You Afraid That You or a Loved One is Suffering from Sleep Apnea?
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 Sleep Apnea Treatment Without a Sleep Apnea Machine is Possible!
While many people associate Sleep Apnea with snoring the reality is the health effects can literally cut years off of your life!

Those suffering from sleep apnea are depriving their bodies of much needed oxygen during sleep and instead overloading their bodies with CO2! This in turn forces the heart to work overtime; according to the AHA (American Heart Association) the effect of untreated sleep apnea on the heart is equal to smoking a pack of cigarettes each day!

Proper treatment will improve your health dramatically…..and will stop the obnoxious snoring!
What Are My Treatment Options For Sleep Apnea? 
The two primary options for treating sleep apnea are CPAP Therapy (sleep apnea machine/face mask) and Oral Appliance Therapy (mouth piece).

CPAP Therapy is where a face mask is worn at night which is attached to a machine that forces oxygen down your airway.  This ensures that you are getting the proper amount oxygen during sleep.  The only problem is that many people are not comfortable wearing the CPAP mask to sleep, for such patients an Oral Appliance is the #1 alternative.

An Oral Appliance is a custom fitted mouthpiece worn during sleep that helps keep the airway open, therefore eliminating snoring and allowing proper breathing to take place. Many patients opt for this treatment option as they find it more comfortable to wear to sleep.

The severity of your sleep apnea will determine the best treatment option, this is discovered after reading the results of a sleep study.  If you are ready to get started with getting proper treatment contact us today, we can have a Home Sleep Study sent to you right away.
When you call now you will learn...
  • How to manage your sleep apnea without a sleep apnea machine.
  • How medical insurance can cover the cost of your sleep apnea test.
  • The comfort and ease of wearing an oral appliance.
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Dr. Jared Waite
 Dr. Waite believes in continually advancing his clinical skills through continuing education in order to better serve you. In fact, he is one of only a few dentists in Colorado Springs who has received advanced training in Biomemtic Dentistry–a philosophy and technique that not only preserves more of your natural tooth structure, but also reconstructs compromised teeth in a way that mimics nature. This creates longer lasting dental health, which is Dr. Waite’s main concern. He also takes the time to help you understand what your dental needs really are and how you can achieve your best results.

Prior to starting Aspen Ridge Dental Care, Dr. Waite practiced general, family dentistry. He received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree from Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, Texas in May 2004. He also holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University and an Associate of General Studies from Weber State University. He is a member of the American Dental Association, Colorado Dental Association, Colorado Springs Dental Society and The LDS Academy of Dentists
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