CPAP Frustrations

If you’ve had to use a CPAP you already know the problems and frustrations of using one. Here are the top reasons why our patients say they’re frustrated with their CPAP. First, I cannot tolerate the dry air or the claustrophobic experience of a mask. Second, I can’t find a mask that fits or is comfortable for my specific facial features, plus I’m tired of wearing the HUGE mask. It’s just not natural. Third, travelling with my CPAP is cumbersome. I always have airport security problems, and there’s the need to bring extension cords, wall plug adapters, spares. batteries and so on.

All to often, CPAP users think they have no alternative to the problems that accompany their CPAP. No more! It’s time to remove your mask and get a good night sleep. Our oral dental appliance therapy is comfortable and safe for patients with mild or moderate Sleep Apnea, those with upper airway resistance syndrome and those who simply snore. Severe Sleep Apnea sufferers, if unsuccessful with positive airway pressure therapy, may also benefit from our dental appliances, provided they can be closely monitored to verify the majority of apnea events have been prevented.

We remove the CPAP frustrations with…

  • No hose to wrap around your arm or neck
  • No skin irritation due to the mask or headgear rubbing throughout the night
  • No wooshing sound of a CPAP
  • No partner discomfort due to air blowing, noise, tubes etc.
  • No problems at the airport security checkpoint
  • No problem with long haul flights
  • No issues with different voltages abroad
  • No elephant or Darth Vader jokes when sharing rooms on trips
  • No annual mask replacements
  • No repeated trips to the clinic for trying different masks
  • No nasal or mouth irritation from dry or cold air blowing in
  • No need for panic during a power outage
  • No messed up hair due to head straps
  • No more facial breakouts due to the restrictive straps
  • No more dryness of the mouth and a sore throat

The benefit of a Dental Appliance over a CPAP is of course a dream come true. Our custom dental appliances allow our patients to…

  • freely open and close the mouth
  • speak almost normally sleep on their side, front or back
  • receive a custom fit exactly to their teeth
  • be more comfortable when they sleep
  • be discreet regarding their sleep disorder
  • travel without having to carry a bulky device
  • have no need for replacement parts
  • save money

Remove the CPAP frustrations and learn more about the best sleep solutions in Colorado Springs. Our oral dental appliance may provide the solution you’re hoping for.

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