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Dr. Jared Waite utilizes the latest technology in his dental sleep medicine practice to ensure that the treatment he provides you is medically sound and as effective as possible. One such technology is a home sleep test (HST) monitor that tests you for sleep disordered breathing (snoring and sleep apnea being the most common) in the privacy and comfort of your own bed. Using these devices provides a preliminary screening for those plagued by excessive daytime sleepiness and snoring. These HST devices have been proven effective, safe, and reliable in helping identify patients with undiagnosed sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea.

Many patients are concerned about having a sleep test in a foreign location like a sleep center and as such don’t get the testing they need. But with an HST device, your sleep test results can be read by a board certified sleep physician, allowing for proper diagnosis and treatment to be administered, all without you having to visit a sleep center. This also provides medical professionals a fast, simple, and cost effective way to test patients.


Dr. Waite employs these devices to also ensure that your oral appliance is calibrated to its most effective position. Without an HST device, it is impossible for a patient to accurately report the important sleep data needed to safely treat your sleep apnea and snoring. The HST records critical data such as how many times per hour you stop breathing, if and for how long your blood oxygen level drops , how much snoring you produce and how loud it is, and your heart rate fluctuations during these events. All of this data is analyzed to make sure your oral appliance is not only helping you sleep more comfortably, but that it is also effectively treating your sleep disordered breathing and improving your health.

Our home sleep testing devices have been validated to be as effective as an in-lab sleep studies, yet with the convenience and simplicity of being performed in the comfort of the patients home at a fraction of the cost. Upon completion of the study, the information will be studied by Dr. Waite, processed, undergoes a technical QA edit and professional interpretation by our network of board certified sleep physician before being returned to Dr. Waite for diagnosis, all within 48 hours.


WatchPAT is the FDA-cleared portable sleep monitoring device that is convenient, proven* and reliable.  The simplicity of a pulse oximeter, with the accuracy of a PSG.

Features of WatchPAT:

  • Easy to use: Wrist worn device that doesn’t interfere with patient’s sleep position
  • No sensors or electrodes on the head and no nasal cannula
  • Customized 3-page report automatically generated from the ZzzPAT software (sample attached)
  • Access to RAW data allows sleep professionals to manually edit the automatic scoring
  • Only home FDA-cleared device to measure real sleep time (Sleep vs. Non Sleep)
  • 24/7 Customer Support for patients

Clinical Features of the WatchPAT:

  • Immediate access to results via ZzzPAT software for review by sleep professionals
  • Access to Raw Data enables generation of additional customized reports including:
    • Split night studies
    • Patient follow up (before and after results)
    • Detailed events report
    • Report for Patient (detailed explanation of results)
    • Reports can be easily shared in multiple electronic medical record (EMR) formats

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